More Mass Surveillance -This Time Courtesy Of Your Electric Utility Company

It’s like we no longer have a 4th Amendment. With the omnipresent security cameras, every joker on the street having a cellphone camera, the government & police body-cams, etc., there is no longer any expectation of privacy. We are no longer “secure in our persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable search and seizure”.

Say No

I flipped out a year or so ago when I learned that by a new state regulation from now on when we took our car for a safety-check our car would be photographed. Who knows where the photo goes, but I don’t like it. The police or Dept. of Motor Vehicles don’t need a picture of my car, they don’t have carte blanche to record and keep pictures of my personal possessions unless they have a warrant. And I don’t have a choice, it’s either let them do it or you don’t get the required safety-check.

But this is small potatoes compared to smart meters! Smart meters are being foisted upon consumers who are told they’ll save money and be able to better manage their electricity use. What they don’t mention is that smart meters emit radiation and gather detailed information, are the cause for many fires, and more often than not, are a mandatory installation by your utility company without your say-so.

Smart meters monitor and record every electrical event inside your house; all your consumption, volumes & patterns collected and stored forever. What does that mean? It means the data shows when you’re home, when you are sleeping, when you use a lamp, when you have visitors, whether you are running a business out of your house or whether you were home ‘the night of the murder’ to quote Jerry Day who studies this stuff. It’s 24/7/365 spying without a warrant! Several states use this illegally collected data to pinpoint marijuana grow houses. According to Day (video below) the power companies can sell all this collected data to anyone they wish.

Learn more here.

I know you thought your house was your castle, but with Big Brother, it just ain’t so. This is why government doesn’t like people (preppers and the like) living off the grid.

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