Run For It, Jump For It, Pray For It, Beg For It -But DON’T Support Cancer Research or Fundraising

How many ‘Relay for Life’ events- races or walks or telethons have your participated in? How much money have you donated to cancer research or fundraisers?  They’ve got us wearing the pink ribbon, pink socks and buying pink lemonade on airplanes all to raise awareness and money to fight cancer.

Millions of people march for cancer prevention and awareness raising billions of dollars (sadly only around 20% of the money raised by the Susan B. Komen Foundation goes to research and NONE of it goes to alternative modalities), but the bad news is that many of the corporations sponsoring these cancer marches and drives are the very companies that make money off the cancer industry. And chemotherapy works less than 97% of the time. And here’s a hard one to swallow:  some doctors make huge profits prescribing certain chemotherapy drugs by acting as both the pharmacy and the doctor. They buy the drugs at wholesale and mark them up and sell them to their patients. Check this out:

The medical/big pharma standard approved AMA protocol for cancer treatment killed my sister (May 23, 2015). They convinced she & her husband through fear and pressure that the cut/burn/poison cure for cancer was the only thing that would work. She had at least 5 surgeries, multiple rounds of chemo and radiation and spent a lot of money (who wouldn’t if they could without knowing about an alternative way?) and she still croaked within 3 years. After her original oncologist sent her home to die, she & her husband found a group of doctors who needed patients guinea pigs  for their clinical trial. These doctors convinced them this “new” drug would be just the one. When that new wonder drug didn’t work there was another clinical trial -which also didn’t work. There is NO drug that will cure cancer.

When -not if, cancer strikes someone you love or you yourself get it, you need this information so you don’t fall prey to the medical/big pharma standard approved AMA protocol for cancer that will kill you in 97% of the cases. This 9-part video series will show you a different, effective way to fight cancer.

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