Kids Can Become Anything They Want To Be In This America

Remember the great hopes you had for your children? You may have even started a college fund when your first child was born. But somewhere something went wrong. Their brains have been turned to mush. No wonder kids graduate and cannot get real jobs.  We hear all the time that our graduates cannot get jobs, yet most businesses say they cannot find qualified people to hire. What’s going on here?

We somehow have to take back our education system in America. Get the federal government out of it. All school decisions should be at the local level and we need to get rid of tenure. Tenure forces the schools (all schools from K -university level) to employ unqualified, substandard, or lazy people who’s aim and greatest joy is to indoctrinate your children so that when they reach the University of Washington, in this example, or manage to graduate their heads are full of mush and they are virtually useless to what was once civil society.

The schools teach it and the government enforces it. Like global warming. Can’t beat them with facts, then make those facts illegal.

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