Paul Ryan (another Wally Cleaver) in The Republican Party

Remember what happened to Eric Cantor when he flipped from being a Tea Party darling conservative to a D.C. insider? HE GOT FIRED! Well I can see the same thing happening to Paul Ryan if he doesn’t change his tune pretty dang quick, but once they get a taste for those ‘inside the beltway perks’ they don’t usually turn back from them.

Dump Paul Ryan

Actually the fire in my belly went out for Ryan when he lost so badly to Joe Biden in the Veep debate in 2012. And he’s aligned with Gorgé Ramos on immigration (bring ’em in!). Then there was  that horrible “bipartisan” budget bill he and Patty Murray (D-WA) cooked up. It was the Wimpy hamburger plan:

“I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”.

This was loaded with a lot of up front spending for deficit reductions way down the road. Ha-ha, right! And worse, for every dollar spent on the military, Obama now gets to spend a dollar on domestic discretionary spending (like funding food stamps & welfare).

But that’s ok because I think Paul Ryan, the smooth talking Wally Cleaver/Speaker of the House is about to get Cantored by Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen running against him for Congress.

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One Response to Paul Ryan (another Wally Cleaver) in The Republican Party

  1. Olive Hill says:

    Precisely my feeling—–I don’t much like turncoats or traitors!

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