How Much Stupider (is that a real word? I think so) Can It Get?

Honestly, it knows no limit. Every time you say it cannot get any worse, it always does. The libtards with their love of identity politics are foaming at the mouth over transgender bathrooms while airplanes continue to drop out of the sky. By the way, here is the joint letter (Education & Justice Dept) -available in 7 languages no less, that went to every public school district in the country “To insure students’ rights”, and to further bastardize our American culture and sense of values, but I digress.crazy pills

Who please tell me, who thought for even a minute that the Egypt Air disappearing off the radar was anything but terrorism? Oh yes, it’s now learned (hat-tip the Captain of MS804 was linked to a major Muslim Terrorist. I’ll tell you nobody in their right mind, but oh yeah, I forgot most lefties, and most certainly lefties in government are not in their right mind. There’s nothing there between their ears in the way of gray matter. It’s all mush.

So who is surprised that Mayor (the biggest government leftie in New York City) DeBlasio’s Commission on Human Rights will fine (up to $250,000!!!) city businesses & entities which fail to address customers by their preferred gender pronouns. But that’s not all that could cost you serious money. Check the list here. These people are seriously crazy, but sadly they’re running things.

All I can say is this is profoundly troubling for a society founded on freedom.

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