Here’s A Good One

You know how Obama is hellbent on releasing criminals into our midst. They are all there due to racism after all, so it’s time to empty out the jails and turn them loose ~especially if they’re “undocumented”. And here’s a good one, rapists, murderers, drug dealers and armed robbers are no longer called criminals because that would be either racist or homophobic or transgender or pronoun-phobic hate speech. I’m sure you all understand. So now Obama’s inJustice department refers to them as “judicially involved” individuals.

Here is a judicially involved youth in Ferguson, Missouri redistributing the wealth.

You may recall this ‘judicially involved’ youth in Ferguson, Missouri redistributing the wealth.

The Obama inJustice Dept has said that landlords could be cited for discrimination if they refuse to rent to these judicially involved individuals. Colleges and Universities and employers are being encouraged not to ask job applicants if they are ex-convicts. You see these are just ‘returning citizens’.

If you are not versed in all the convenient, politically correct euphemisms so freely slung about these days here are a few more:

  • substandard housing = slum
  • differently abled = crippled
  • war on terror = overseas contingency operation
  • Affordable Care Act = Barrycare
  • Ex-convicts = returning citizens (who should be allowed to vote BTW)
  • socialism = stealing from the makers to redistribute to the takers

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  1. Olive Hill says:

    Obama might call his excrement “chocolate souffle” but it still stinks!

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