Laundry Adventures in Italy

On the face of it, it looks like the Italians have one over us in the laundry area having figured out one machine that both washes and dries the clothes. But take a gander at the control module. It looks like what you may find in an airplane! But the laundry efficiency ends abruptly after the dual wash/dry function contained in one appliance.

Washer Dryer


Laundry in Italy

        The air dry method

The wash cycle is fairly straightforward, but it takes over 2 hours to dry! I’m not kidding you and the drum is not that big so it’s not like a super size dryer where you could understand that much more time. Apparently there are 3 dryer cycles to choose from but unless you select the 2 hour 30 minutes cycle, the clothes are not even close to dry after more than an hour. And if you open the door stopping the cycle to check the dryer or pull items out, forget it, the 2.5 hour clock starts again. Its head-scratching. So not wanting to hang around the apartment all day long doing laundry, but needing dry clothes, we pick the 2.5 hour version. Ugh. Yes, they came out dry but so hot you could literally blister yourself on a snap or zipper. And talk about wrinkles, OMG plenty.

Oh well, we haven’t found a convenient lavanadaria (laundrette) nearby like we did in Bueños Aires, so we’re stuck. Oh well, just another glitch encountered when traveling a foreign country.

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