I Don’t Know What’s Better, The Coffee or The Gelato

Both are great and we indulged ourselves often, occasionally more than once a day! In fact if I ate too much at dinner and didn’t have enough room for gelato (hard to believe), I’d be quite upset with myself. These things take more planning than I am apparently capable of.

GelatoThe gelato comes in a kazillion different flavors and they go all out to make it look pretty and tempting. If you haven’t had real Italian gelato it’s hard to explain the texture, but its way different from American ice cream. I’d say it’s silky & smooth, but not necessarily creamier. I’m told there’s more milk and less cream and no eggs as in our ice cream. Does that mean it’s less fattening? Sounds good to me. You could get 1, 2 or 3 flavors in a cone or cup, pretty much just like here. My favorites in this order:  hazelnut (nocciola), cherry (amarena), and coffee (caffè). Man it’s good is all I can say.

Gelato -my fav flavor

              Hazelnut gelato is called nicciola

As for the coffee, not being a ‘hair on the chest’ kinda girl I steered clear of the espresso. It’s just too strong. Mostly I ordered Caffè Americano which is obviously the closest to American coffee but the interesting thing is they way they serve it.




It comes in a slightly smaller sized cup (bigger than espresso, but not like a mug) and it has only a little bit of very strong coffee at the bottom. With that they bring two small pitchers, one with hot water, the other with hot milk, and you make it to your own taste! They can be very fancy with the cream toppings on some of the coffees too, which is unique and kind of fun. At any rate, you can’t go wrong with gelato or caffé -or both!caffe faces

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