Side Trip To Historic Ravenna

There are a couple of reasons for venturing from our home base in Visgnola, Northern Italy very near Bellagio (a 15 minute walk downhill) on Lake Como (Lago di Como), one of Europe’s largest & deepest lakes and a summer home location for George Clooney.

Typical street in Bellagio

    This is a typical street in Bellagio

Bellagio is hundreds of years old with narrow cobbled streets, limited vehicle traffic, and playground to some of the rich & famous. It’s a favorite weekend or holiday retreat for Milanos (Milan is about an hour south), and the small shops are top quality, very exclusive and naturally pricy. Not where you’re likely to find souvenirs to take home, so I’ve decided to forego the non-existent tchotchke and just settle for gelato!

Byzantine churchBut back to our side trip to Ravenna. We’ve found that all the villages on Lake Como are pretty much all alike. We’ve taken boat trips to several and also driven up and down the lakeshore a number of times. It’s great to stop for a coffee, cold beer or lunch at any of the many caffès or restaurants situated on the lake, but after a few days we got the itch to see something more. What we saw in Ravenna were centuries-old churches in the Byzantine style famous for their gorgeous mosaics.Ravenna church22crucifix from RavennaRavenna Church

We love the trains in Europe and always enjoy shopping for snacks and goodies to bide our time as the countryside glides by. We also love the seaside towns and the great seafood that abounds along the coast- surprisingly very different from seafood available in Hawaii. Ravenna was suggested to us by a local travel agent as a historically important city on the Adriatic Sea.  And the mosaics that fill the church interiors are absolutely beautiful or did I already mention that?

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