Italian Train Strikes Are Scheduled in Advance!

Rooster from Ravenna

A souvenir rooster mosaic from Ravenna

Train strikes in Italy are scheduled, but nobody told us. After about 10 days of tooling around by boat or by driving up and down the shoreline to the various villages that populate Lake Como (Lago di Como) we decided to venture out for a few days to a different location. Ravenna is where we chose to go. It’s still in the north, on the Adriatic side of Italy and we chose to go by train; Como to Milano, Milano to Bologna, Bologna to Ravenna.

B&B BasilicaWe got online and found a B&B .5 km from the train station in Ravenna (an easy walk after consolidating 3 days worth of clothing & toiletries into one bag), left our home base in Visgnola and away we went. We bought round trip (retiro) tickets, €25.00 each way ($28) per person and arrived as planned in about 5 hours. What we didn’t know is that there was a rail strike scheduled for the Friday of our return trip. Apparently strikes occur so frequently in Italy there’s a website dedicated to this activity! Italians schedule strikes in advance! Can you believe it? Their transportation strikes are scheduled, it’s just that nobody told us, including the chap in the stazione centrale where we bought out tickets.

Trian route to RavennaWe wouldn’t have known at all had it not been that we stopped by the train station to check on return times as our ticket was open. Keep in mind neither of us speak any Italian beyond arrivederchi and vino rosso, so it came as a bit of a shock when the nice lady finally got across to us that the trains would be on strike the day we’d planned to return. Thanks to a nice young man in line behind us and much pantomime, we learned we could likely get as far back as Bologna if we left at 6:28 AM (yee gads, we’re supposed to be on vacation here), but would only make it all the way if we upgraded our tickets from the slow train (more stops and longer between stops), to the much more pricy fast train.

So that’s the plan because we’ve already prepaid our hotel and parking at the stazione in Como where we left our car. This traveling is hard work. It’s a good thing you can stop almost anywhere, anytime for a cold beer, delicious coffee (and/or pastry), or a gelato!

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