Enroute To Thailand

Day 1 ugh our plane sat on the tarmac for an hour before getting clearance to take off. Excessive traffic is the reason given. Then we have a ten hour forty minute flight from Honolulu to Seoul, Korea our over-night destination. It was a loooong flight but I have to say Korean Air treated us pretty well. I couldn’t get through the numerous and varied movies. They also offered a wide variety of interesting “shorts” and documentaries. Saw a great one on dogs (The Secret Life of The Dog), and many others. Unfortunately I got about 90% through The Color of Money with Paul Newman & a young Tom Cruz. We landed before I could finish it but since today’s flight to Bangkok is also via Korean Air I’m hoping to catch the end.

The temperature on arrival to Seoul was 26°. We had a most fitful night with our biological clocks way off kilter and knowing we had to wake early to get back to the airport. And the forecast for today is even worse, the range low to high is -4 to 4°.Burr for us Hawaiian wimps. Fortunately Bangkok is an entirely different story with temps in the mid 90s. Hopefully the humidity won’t be a killer.

Day 2 -It’s a blurry line between day 1 and day 2 with all the hours in the air and the time/weather changes. This is pretty much all we’ve seen of Korea:

And this: 

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