The Thing About Italian Bathrooms

Ok we’ve been to Europe many times before. Some things stay the same and others don’t and some depend on your economic situation. Believe me when we first started foreign travel many years ago (People Express, $99 per person from Newark – Brussels!), we went on the cheap. I’m talking youth hostels and student Eurail passes, and even some hitchhiking. At that level, nothing really surprises you and you take what you can get and hope for the best.

B&B bathroom

Notice no curtain or shower door. There is a drain in the floor, but EVERYTHING gets wet!

But I’ve never been able to work out the European shower situation. The showers are rarely enclosed and they all have the telephone shower heads and may or may not be fixed to the wall so you’re left holding the shower head with one hand and trying to scrub various body parts with the other. Shampooing is a whole other adventure. Remember now, there’s little or no enclosure. Maybe a narrow glass or plastic panel or a flimsy curtain, or maybe nothing. My point is there’s no way to shower and get clean and not get water all over the floor.

It seems a simple fix, but this situation has not changed in all the 30+ years since we’ve been coming to Europe. I know these people don’t want water all over their floors, but they just haven’t figured this one out. It baffles the mind.

The B&B we stayed at in Ravenna, which by the way was really clean; well located (equally easy walk from the train station or the main piazza in the old town where there are a gazillion restaurants and sidewalk cafes to pick from), but had a terrible bed. We solved this problem by doubling up some spare blankets in the room, using them underneath the bottom sheet for padding. I mean this bed had some mean springs!

          It’s not hard to figure out what to do.

Now the toilets (water closets) are pretty standard. They may look a little different shape wise and the water tank is not at the back of the toilet but above it. Some are squatter’s (a picture is worth a thousand words!).

Push the big oval for #2, the small one for #1

Push the big oval for #2, the other for #1

Most have the obvious flush choices, you know to  take care of the big job or the small job. Then there’s the bidet. I’ve never quite figures out the intricacies of those. We just don’t have them in America.

Not to worry, it’s all the differences that make travelling such a treat.

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