Let’s Explore The Impact of 65,000 Refugees Under Hillary’s Plan

With nearly 323 million people one may think America could easily take in a small fraction of that in foreign refugees and still be okay. That’s what Obama, Killary & the libtards want you to believe. BTW, none of the people pushing for more refugees will be personally affected by their presence here. So let’s drill down a little deeper, look at the way these refugees are dropped on us and see the real impact of these 65,000 refugees.

immigration familySo bringing in what would be about .02% of our total population as it turns out has many implications of huge significance. Due to Germany’s open-door policy on refugees some areas of Europe have turned into war-zones swimming in crime, massive unemployment, social unrest and fractured budgets.

Most of the data in this blog post comes from ACT for America, the NRA of National Security, where we learn that the process of resettling refugees is a strategic one, sneakily coordinated between the UN and the State Department. The UN High Commissioner under the influence of a powerful Muslim group called the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, chooses most of the incomers (explaining the very few Christians selected for refugee status). In fact most of the incomers are from Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq & Syria, many of whom hate Westerners and our way of life.

These refugees are then dispersed to 190 cities & towns (far away from the elites in Washington DC) where 6 months later the federal subcontractors in charge of refugee resettlement start paperwork to bring in the relatives of the original refugees. Don’t forget the multiple wives and numerous children common in Muslim culture.

The price tag for this refugee resettlement is upwards of 1 billion dollars, not including welfare, healthcare and other benefits bestowed on these immigrants.

School systems are not prepared for the influx of non-English speaking students. Subsidized housing and welfare benefits more often goes to the immigrants at the expense of poverty-stricken Americans.

Refugee cities have become hubs for foreign illnesses. TB is mushrooming. State pension funds are underfunded due to massive spending on immigrants and crime is through the roof.

So don’t be fooled by the .02%, a mere 65,000 refugees they tell us we must accept with open arms. You better make sure Hillary is NOT elected!

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  1. Green says:

    Only answer: HELL NO! Help americans and vets only! These people need to stay in muslim nations!

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