Who Better To Vote For A “Should-be” Felon Than Honest To God Real Ex-Felons?

Skirting a Virginia Supreme Court ruling that Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe could not restore voting rights of 200,000 ex-felons in one fell swoop with his recent executive order, crafty Democrat that he is, McAuliffe is working to restore voting rights to these ex-felons on a case-by-case basis sparing no taxpayer expense (hat-tip Zero-Hedge), and he’s making great progress.

felons votingAccording to the Washington Post, Gov. Terry McAuliffe will announce Monday that he has restored voting rights to 13,000 felons and will not stop there. Using an autopen to individually sign orders restoring rights he plans to complete the task for all 200,000 felons within 2 weeks.

Republicans, incensed that it covered violent and nonviolent offenders alike, said the move was really a bid to add Democrat-friendly voters to the rolls ahead of November’s presidential elections, when the governor’s close friend and political ally, Hillary Clinton, will be on the ballot. Would he really do that? Well yes. In fact in a previous order McAuliffe had mistakenly (wink-wink) restored voting rights of 132 sex offenders still in custody! Didn’t you know, voting is a human right now.

Here’s my take, the Republicans have shown us over and over that they are ineffective in representing us because in fact, they only represent their own self interests. The Democrats on the other hand, are out-and-out Marxists determined to take down our country. With Killary at the helm, this plan will accelerate at a much faster rate than by the ineptitude of the Republicans.

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