The 40 to 1 Ratio: Legitimate Religious Freedom or Islamization of America?

It’s okay to fine and jail Christians who in following their religious beliefs refuse to bake a wedding cake for same-sex couples or force the Little Sisters of the Poor to comply with Barry-care’s contraceptive mandate.

According to Gallup Americans believe between 10-23% of the population is LGBT (Q is not yet been figured into the stats ~because social justice warriors just recently made it up. In case you’ve had your head in the sand, Q = questioning). But in fact LGBT are only 3.6% of the population.

muslim driverThat’s a lot of accommodation for such as small sector of the population, but it doesn’t come close to the forced accommodation the Muslim population is imposing on America at merely one percent of total U.S. population (322 million people). Try to require a Muslim truck driver you employ to deliver alcohol as part of his job and a ton of bricks will come down on you. Likewise a Muslim taxi driver who refuses to pick up a blind person with a guide-dog because and dogs are seen as unclean in Islam, somehow keeps his job due to religious freedom. It’s bullcrap!

stop-islamization-america-RALLY According to CNN, Muslim taxi drivers in Minneapolis refuse to take passengers carrying alcohol. About three quarters of the 900 cabbies serving the airport are Muslim, and many regularly refuse passengers carrying beer, wine or liquor. Maybe the cabbies need to get another job!

Muslim prayer rooms are being forced on American businesses. Many airports have built special areas for Muslims to pray. It’s all part of a very deliberate pattern to impose Islam on the secular marketplace. Disney has been sued by a Muslim woman who refused after being hired to dress according to the job-mandated “Disney look” which did not include a hijab. ACLU-SC attorney Mark Rosenbaum said “the suit aims to force a change in Disney’s policies” ~and across America (my words).

According to Bloomberg News, about 40 percent of workplace complaints involving religion filed last year with the U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission were related to Muslims which make up only 1% of the population. At a certain point, we have to say “Enough” and stop accommodating their arrogant and aggressive demands. Either that or we’ll all be subject to Sharia law before we know it.

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