The #AllahuAkbarSyndrome And What Passes For Leadership In America These Days

You have to have noticed the oft-repeated reluctance by police and politicians alike to connect terrorism to the Islamic ‘religion’? I have almost every time another terrorist attack is reported EVEN when the terrorist killer shouts Allahu Akbar as they thrust the knife or blow-up themselves and as many innocent people around them as possible, the police/pols will  to say the motivation as yet is unknown. Really?

Then when the obvious becomes fact ~sometimes as long as several years after the event as in the Fort Hood massacre, they push the “poor disenfranchised or the sadly long unemployed or the oppressed or the mental illness meme. Come on! It’s none of those and everyone knows it. It’s radical Islam, which is BTW is not a religion but a totalitarian (submit or die!) ideology. That’s it period.

mash-potato face

John Kerry, not to be confused w/a rocket scientist

But here is what we’re constantly subjected to from the leftist, libtard, progressive leaders in America. John Kerry (perhaps the 2nd worst Sectry of State every, after you know who *initials HRC*), speaking in Bangladesh after a recent terror incident, said that-

“Perhaps the media would do us all a service if they didn’t cover it (terror) quite as much. People wouldn’t know what’s going on.”

Well not only you and I are sick of this approach, social media has taken it with the hashtag AllahuAkbarSyndrome. Two examples:

  • #allahuakbarsyndrom. Please donate, help us find a cure!
  • #allahuakbarsyndrom arrives in Australia . . . it’s rife in Europe

They don’t want the media reporting on terror and they don’t want us to know so we don’t notice how dismal their approach to ISIS (ISIL, DAESH, whatever the hell else they call it) and Islam is and that’s just the plain truth.

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