Our Little Neighborhood in Visgnola, Italy

visgnola-neighborhoodThere’s almost everything you need within walking distance from our 2 bdrm Airbnb flat in Visgnola. Visgnola is a small village about 5 km uphill from Bellagio on Lake Como. “Uphill” is in italics to emphasize that factor because we’re both suffering various joint pains and its been challenging with the very steep streets and numerous steps no matter where we go. I know, quit complaining you’re in Italy in one of the most beautiful places in the world, even compared to Hawaii, it’s freaking gorgeous!bellagio-st

But right here in Paizza Canestri there’s a little pub with a beer garden, Bar il Tiglio. Bar Tiglio has a foosball table, indoor and outdoor seating, a big patio (terrazzo) with picnic tables and a barbecue. Inside there’s a pretty regular bar and of course, the projection screen TV so nobody misses Italy’s football (soccer) games.

Next, not necessarily in order of importance is the patisserie, a bakery specialising in all manner of sweets & pastries. Our morning favorite are the palmiers. palmierThey’re a palm leaf sorta shaped crunchy, sweet and flaky all at the same time with lots of butter and sugar. They go perfect with the oh-so-strong Italian coffee we make here first thing every morning.

Also in the piazza is a commercial laundry operation. It’s of no interest to us but it’s just another hole in the wall business you’d never know was here if you didn’t poke your head in the door. Then there’s a Tabacchi, a tobacco shop but so much more. It’s also where you can buy bus (fermata) tickets. Most also carry phone cards, postage stamps, pens, stationary, watches, candy, and maybe some jewelry. You may also find personal care items like combs and toothbrushes. You can see the Tabacchi can be an important place for travellers, especially if you’re in the market for lotto tickets.tabacchi

And what else do we have here in the neighborhood? There’s a mini-market which is not unlike our convenience stores, except it smells better. They have a little of everything but not exactly where you want to do most of your shopping. There are a couple of Super Mercados a short drive away, but any Safeway would blow them away as far as variety and choices available, but every little town or village has a variety of small businesses that make it so you can get everything you need pretty close to home. It’s not a “get on the freeway and drive” sort of mentality like so much of America.

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