The Libs Love to Bad-Mouth The NRA, But Thank God For That Off-Duty, NRA Sharp-Shooter Police Officer

That’s right, the libs love to tell us especially right after a killing involving some crazy or Islamic whack-job with a gun, (i.e., a criminal) that it’s all the NRA’s fault. The National Rifle Association pays hundreds of thousands of dollars to bribe Congressmen (no, actually that’s Big Pharma that pays an average of $422,000/lawmaker to gain legislative favors and other perks) and the NRA is the reason for all the mass-shootings, bla-bla-bla.

Well I think there are a lot of people alive today that may not have been were it not for NRA-certified firearms instructor Jason Falconer, an off-duty police officer as the man who shot and killed a 22-year-old Somali immigrant who went on a stabbing rampage inside a St. Cloud, (MN) Mall on Saturday. And “news flash”, yes, Obama & DeBlasio he was a terrorist! He asked people is they were Muslim before he stabbed them.

This must really tear them up on so many levels. They have to admit that, gee not all police are hell-bent on killing innocent blacks, they actually risk their own lives to save others. The NRA is responsible for training thousands of law-abiding citizens how to safely practice their 2nd Amendment rights, and finally another crazed, would be killer they wish was not a jihad-bent terrorist turns out to be just that.

And speaking of our 2nd Amendment rights you should know Killary Rotten Clinton has already promised to do everything she can to take our guns.

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