Zombieized; The New Excuse to Explain Muslims Randomly Killing Innocent People

I’d be pissed if I were a real zombie and I’d for sure be pissed if I were Hispanic because the lib media (that’s 99%) likes to call radical Islam anything but what it is. More than once they’ve jumped to the gun (oh, sorry for the trigger you wussies), but more than once they’ve identified Muslim suspects as Hispanics in their quest to never tell us the truth we already know!


In the recent Burlington, Washington mall shooting resulting in 5 murders, Island County Sheriff’s Lt. Mike Hawley who spotted the suspect from a patrol car and jumped out to confront him said, “He was kind of zombie-like”. The Seattle Times reported

“the suspect appeared to be a Hispanic male in his late teens to mid-20s”.

But golly-gee whiz Arcan Cetin, a Muslim Turkish permanent resident is not Hispanic. See the libs use any excuse (mental illness, poverty, unemployment, and now zombie-mania) to explain away what most of the rest of us with a minimum 2 brains cells touching already know, they’re almost always Muslim jihadis doing what’s been ingrained from the day they started memorizing the Koran -kill or conquer. And when is the last time a Hispanic was the perpetrator of mass murder? Hardly ever do Hispanics even figure into that, but according to Patriot Update, “this is not the first time that the media has attempted to whitewash Muslim extremism at the behest of the Obama administration, with many news outlets now unwilling to even utter the phrase “radical Islam” during their broadcasts or within their reporting”.

Here’s the truth regarding how long media takes to report race/ethnicity/religion:

White – 7 seconds
Hispanic – 7 minutes
Black – 7 hours
Muslim – 7 days . . . . good thing we aren’t that stupid!

BTW, the media & Obama admin will probably delay naming Arcan Cetin a terrorist as long as they can. Past tonight’s debate if possible.

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