When Do We Learn? Student Visas Granted To Muslims to Attend Flight School? What Is There to Gain For Us?

Call me crazy but this is suicide! Oh, in fact that’s what the lame-stream media claims. The pilot was disgruntled and wanted to commit suicide so he crashed his plane into the ground. Thinking minds speculate he was trying to crash into nearby Pratt & Whitney, a major US military defense contractor. You do the math.fire

A Jordanian Muslim man originally here on a student visa, attending a U.S. flight school? What could possibly go wrong? Does this make any sense to anyone who recalls the facts around the 9/11 attacks?

The kiss of death to American

                                 The kiss of death to America

Feras M. Freitekh crashed his plane in Connecticut after arguing with his flight instructor, who had the misfortune of being in the plane when Freitekh decided to go jihad.

Freitekh’s family and friends are already praising Freitekh as a “good man” “hero” to “Allah be with him” in Arabic on Facebook. And guess what? The FBI is investigating whether this was an act of terrorism. What do we have to do to convince them of the obvious? Freitekh lived with 3 other “foreign nationals,” also attending U.S. flight schools. Hello, is there anyone home? It should be fairly apparent (as the nose on your face) that terrorists are using planes again to attack us.

I have to ask you, honestly which presidential candidate Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, would be more likely to put a halt to this practice of continually allowing middle easterners from attending flight schools in America? You know it’s Trump. He sees it for what it is. She sees it as diversity. They probably got their tuition paid by the US government and we’ll be stuck with their student loans as well as the havoc they reap in their never-ending jihad!

What are the candidates (as the Muslim ‘plant’ in the last debate asked Trump & Killary) going to do about the increasing Islamophobia that American Muslims suffer? Try this out:  Tell them to get their fellow Muslims to stop killing us and the Islamophobia will probably die on its own, problem solved.

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