This Is A “Must Watch” Every Day B4 The Election

Hat-tip Zero Hedge:  Donald Trump Uncensored. “Turn off MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, and NBC and listen – away from the spectacle – to some uncomfortable deep state realities…”

Of course Trump is a flawed candidate as was John F. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy, Richard Nixon, the George Bushes and scores just like them. Heck, even George Washington had a mistress and a slave child! Both parties smear the other side, but this may be the first time when the establishment politicians on both sides have a real hate-on for Trump. They fear him because he may not play along with their game of “always enrich yourselves & your donors even if you screw the voters“. Too hell with them. Let them eat cake!

But hey, if you like the way America is headed then by all means get your butt to the polls and vote for Hillary. To borrow the description from American Thinker, Trump is “a garish, vulgar boor, but he’s an alpha male striking back,’ and it’s about time! So if it’s change, real change that you crave, the only choice is Donald Trump.

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