It Took Me A Long Time, But Now I Believe Trump Could Win

No, it’s not just the FBI reopening the email investigation of Hillary Clinton. The last straw for me is Michael Moore endorsing Trump.

There are many other factors and they are aligning right now ~at the right time.

  •  Brexit had the same bad press as Trump. Don’t believe the polls they are from the media who have been lying to us forever. But do get your butt to the polls!
  • Gun ownership is WAY up since Obama came into office. The gun lobby is huge. Americans except liberals, if we can still call them Americans, believe fiercely in the right to their guns. Gun owners know what Hillary plans to do with the 2nd Amendment.
  • The Bundy acquittal. This is the FIRST time in more than 200 years that a jury has rejected the government. The Bundys, the armed -protesters led by Ammon and Ryan Bundy, were acquitted of federal conspiracy and weapons charges. The federal conviction rate is 98% but the jury (like most of us) have had enough. The protest leading up to the charges ended with the fed shooting & killing an unarmed man. The federal government has been seizing land all over the country claiming it for their own. Then no development, hunting or fishing or other activities may take place.
  • The Chicago Tribune is over her (not exactly a conservative rag) with this recent headline: “Democrats should ask Clinton to step aside” fearing a Constitutional crisis should she be elected.
  • Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger, threw his wife Huma under the bus to cut a deal to save his own skin. And who really bought that marriage? A New York Jew marrying a Muslim Brotherhood connected plant inside the State Dept? This was Hillary’s making for her political gain of course. She wanted to soften Huma Abedin’s shady terrorist connections by marrying her to what she mistakenly thought was a respectable, up and coming Congressman. Wrong!
  • Hillary has already planned her mega-election win celebration on a barge with fireworks and all, but FDNY’ s “rank and file is outraged they are being forced to do political work.” They don’t want it to look like they endorse her.
  • The ugly underbelly of Barrycare is coming to light as millions of Americans are finally seeing what a sham it was; another redistribution scheme. It’s not affordable and they don’t care!
  • Obama & Hillary if she follows, will continue to divide us into victim groups. They have disrespected the police and the military for too long. There are too many of us who have police officers and military men & women in our families and we don’t like it!

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