Rigged Elections? Voter Fraud, No Voter Fraud. Rooskies Are Hacking Our Elections To Favor Trump. Really?

Just stop and really think about this. It only takes a moment of serious consideration. The Republicans are always pushing for Voter ID laws, cleaning up the voter registration rolls, etc., to ensure clean and valid election results. The Dems on the other hand fight this at every turn calling the Repubes racists, alarmists, etc. They say that there’s absolutely no proof (nobody is so blind as he who will not see) of voter fraud. But this video makes a very good point.

Oh and by the way if Hildebeast is so concerned about the Russians hacking into our elections to favor Trump, why pray tell would she ever risk a secret, unsecured server and numerous devices which essentially provide a trail of breadcrumbs right into her emails, top-secret or otherwise?

And finally, who are the racists?

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