Chock One Up For Trump: Lobbying Ban

You may recall that President Obama promised while campaigning the first time he ran that all lobbyists would be on the unemployment line if he were elected. But like so many of Nobama’s promises they were out-and-out LIES!

But Trump is already doing it.

Trump made New Jersey Governor Chris Christie head of his transition team out of loyalty since Christie was one of the first to endorse Trump after bowing out the race himself. But Trump (or somebody sharp advising Trump) noticed that Christie was recruiting a lot of former Romney guys and Bushies for jobs in the Trump administration. This did not sit well with his promise to ‘drain the swamp’ as many of them were establishment, inside the beltway RINOs and/or lobbyists. So Trump took quick action and demoted Christie and made Vice-President Elect Mike Pence head of the transition team.

This is a good sign!

But back to business as usual in the House. They actually floated the idea to bring back earmarks! Can you believe it? I mean the message of this election, as much as anything else was “we’re sick of the cronyism, corruption and Congress wasting our hard-earned money”. And this was Republicans who wanted to do this!  The culprits are Reps. John Culberson of Texas, Mike Rogers of Alabama, and Tom Rooney of Florida and they need to be tagged for defeat next time they’re up for reelection because they are a BIG PART OF THE PROBLEM!

Luckily Speaker Paul Ryan put the kibosh on the idea -at least for now. But don’t take your eyes of the ball. Ryan (Liberty Score = F) cannot be trusted just like McConnell cannot be trusted. McConnell’s response to Trump’s idea of term limits says it all:

“We already have term limits. They’re called elections. We’re not going to vote on that.”

McConnell, whose liberty score on Conservative Review is an F, is part of the problem too. He’s been there over 30 years, why would he vote himself out of a job? He won’t.

My advise to Trump. Keep your head down and keep moving forward.

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