One Less Dictator; Fidel Castro Dead At 90

Begging the question:  Do Bernie Sanders’ supporters even know who Fidel Castro was? Doubtful and the as Marco Rubio tweeted:  President Obama issued a pathetic statement on death of dictator #FidelCastro with no mention of thousands he killed & imprisoned.fidel

Excerpt from American Thinker by Tim Worstall:

“Fidel Castro, the Communist Dictator of Cuba, has died at the age of 90. There have been those, over the decades, who have held him up as some paragon of a new world order, one in which people will not be subservient to either America nor capitalism. The truth is that he visited an economic disaster upon the island nation of Cuba. No, it was not the US, it was not any blockade or embargo, not anything external to Cuba that caused this, it was quite simply the idiocy of the economic policy followed, that socialism, which led to there being near no economic growth at all over the 55 years or so of his rule. What little that did occur happening when the strictest of his rules were relaxed.

It is polite, human and common to withhold criticism of the dead in the immediate aftermath of their demise. But leaving 11 million people grossly poorer than they ought to be in the name of a bankrupt ideology is not the stuff of which hagiographic obituaries are made.”

In the end, he leaves a poor island with very little hope.  He leaves political prisons, families crushed, and empty store shelves.

What happens now?  This is a great opportunity for President-Elect Trump to demand some real concessions from the island’s leadership.

Fidel’s death is really the end of communism in Cuba.  Raúl is also an old man and probably won’t be around in a few years, either.

Cuba is screaming for change.  Let’s hear it and demand real concessions from Raúl Castro.

And please don’t insult the memory of so many by sending a big delegation to his funeral.  Stay away and show your respect for the thousands executed by this regime.

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One Response to One Less Dictator; Fidel Castro Dead At 90

  1. walter podovsky says:

    To all my friends in Hawaii and indeed to all my American friends, I would like to comment and clear the air on what I think and what I believe most of Canada thinks about the passing of Fidel Castro.

    First off I believe Fidel Castro was a total loser. From the beginning he promised his people to have a free election and a democratic election, yah right .

    Lets fast forward to the present where we have a Country where our hero now is worth around a Billion Dollars but where one fifth of the total population of Cuba has left the Country or has been put in prison camps and all others are living in poverty.

    But our hero Castro has developed a strong relationship with all countries we do not even come close to liking, Russia, Iran, North Korea, I could go on but my point here is Castro and I can only put him where he belongs he is a total loser .

    Many thousands have been executed without a fair trial. and to all those Cubans who have blessed our shores with their presence we say welcome and thank you for coming.

    To Justin Trudeau I say we know Castro was a friend of your father (who was also a pallbearer at your fathers funeral) and you do have the right to show your own feeling but you


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