Economic Authoritarianism Is NOT The Way To Go Mr. President Elect

I like a lot about Trump. Probably #1 on that list of likes for me is that he immediately cut through all the PC bullcrap. I’m pleased with most of his cabinet picks and other hires, but not thrilled with some of the yahoos we’ve seen traipsing in and out of Trump Tower (Al Gore & Leonardo DiCaprio, really?). I also like the way he’s cut the media down to size.

But I am not very excited about his heavy-hand threats to private companies acting in their own economic interest by moving some or all of their operations out of the country. He’s done it himself for gosh sakes! Trump has to achieve his goals by thrashing regulations and taxes, not by strong arm tactics.

Free Market Capitalism?

                 Free Market Capitalism?

Did you know that FDR seized Montgomery Ward in 1944 because the company refused to comply with a labor agreement? Montgomery Ward Chairman Sewell Avery held his ground and FDR had the Army National Guard to seize the company’s main plant in Chicago and literally carry Avery out under protest. Several months later Roosevelt ordered the secretary of war to seize Montgomery Ward’s plants and facilities in New York, Michigan, California, Illinois, Colorado and Oregon. Folks this isn’t supposed to happen in America!

Maybe Mark Levin has summed it up best on his radio show:

“Economic authoritarianism has now arrived; sorry, there is no other way to put it. I am reminded of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt, both of whom used the power of the federal government to intimidate and even crush legitimate, law-abiding businesses for failing to abide by their political demands. This is a disgrace, and we should all object to it. It concerns me to no end that there are putative Republicans and conservatives who rally around such un-American and destructive strong-arm tactics. And the fact that it is declared by a recent convert to the Republican Party, as opposed to a Democrat, doesn’t excuse it; indeed, it should be even more alarming.”

We either believe in free-market capitalism or we don’t. The disturbing thing is that according to Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire (formerly of Breitbart), 69 percent of Republicans in a disturbing poll say that it is acceptable for the president and vice president to “directly negotiate with private businesses.” Well I’m hate to tell you it is not! Sarah Palin has it right on this. That’s picking winners and losers. What’s happening are Republicans are turning into Democrats before our very eyes all in the name of making America great again. Don’t do it!

And another thing I’m worried about is this trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. Where does the money come from? It smells too much like TARP or Obama’s $800 billion stimulus package (does the name Solyndra ring a bell?). Pay attention or not at your own peril.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I say wait and see, he beats the hell out of the alternative!

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