OMG! Look At The Newest Members of the UN Human Rights Council

Wow this is mind-blowing, but not unexpected I guess. Hat-tip The Daily Wire. This is in follow-up to a recent post “Why Do We Even Tolerate The United Nations“.


               Throwing gays off of root-tops

This is as good a reason as any to leave the United Nations. Understand the mandate of the Human Rights Council:

“To act as an inter-governmental body within the United Nations system responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe and for addressing situations of human rights violations and make recommendations on them.”

Here are the newest guardians of human rights on the HR Council:

Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

Here are some tweets from the human rights activist, Hillel Neuer of UN Watch, fighting dictatorships & double standards, which hit the nail on the head:

  1. Saudi Arabia begins 2017-2019 term . Don’t worry: “Saudi Arabia supports empowerment of women” & “guarantees fair gender equality.”
  2. 4 clarity before I book my hols & I am not 2 sure. Can U tell me which ones Do Not behead people or stone gays as I Want 2 have a nice time.
  3. & if it’s not pushing my luck too far,as considering an Easter trip, Do any of the member states allow the practice of Christianity.
  4. mostly Islamic theocracies or communist countries.. Wow.
  5. is ok, but is better – All free countries should leave the UN & ignore what’s left of it.

I am still not sure it’s wise to leave the UN entirely because then we lose our veto power and any check at all on what they propose, but it’s certainly time to reform it and curtail the purse strings!

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