This Is What You Get After 8 Years Of The ‘Divider-In-Chief’

We already know that President -soon-to-be gone Obama and Eric Holder, former head of the Dept. of inJustice are responsible for a serious increase in violence on members of law enforcement. All you have to do is look at the numbers under their reign. According to USA Today a total of 115 officers have been killed in the line of duty in 2016, a 15% increase over last year. Crime is up in every major city and largely due to the attack on police.

Sadly it is in this toxic atmosphere that according to, “the race-obsessed rabble in the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) intend to re-hang a painting depicting police officers as marauding racist pigs on Capitol Hill“. They have the gall to fall back on their First Amendment rights which guarantees freedom of expression to every American. Of course they have a Constitutional right to do this, but is it helpful or respectful to the thousands of law enforcement that protect all of us every day?


It started early in Obama’s first term when he commented that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in response to police answering a call about burglary taking place. Obama admitted he did not know all the facts, and yet the police acted stupidly. But then of course it continued throughout both of his terms. Treyvon Martin could have been his own son ~despite the fact that it was proven that Treyvon’s own violent behavior is what got him killed.

According to Obama “most Americans believe the American justice system suffers from institutional racism”. Obama & Holder both continued the false “Hands up-don’t shoot” narrative even though the killing of Michael Brown, proved to be a thug who mistakenly went for officer Darren Wilson’s gun and ended up dead. Obama has had members of the Black Lives Matter group to the White House more than once to lecture on race. Oh and don’t forget “clock-boy”, the little Muslim creep who was arrested (if you see something, say something) for taking what looked like a bomb to school. Obama naturally invited him to the White House because he was being maligned by Islamophobia.

This is the atmosphere they created which has led to so many police killing and the Congressional Black Caucus is happy to join in by displaying the racist painting in the Capitol. I don’t know about you, but I’m offended by this and I’ve written to the Representative from Missouri largely responsible for it, Rep. Willaim Lacy Clay, democrat (naturally). His voice mail at the capitol is full and like so many in our government who really would rather not hear from you, he does not take emails from anyone outside his district, so I’ve written a letter. You can too: Representative William Lacy Clay, 2428 Rayburn House Office, Washington D.C. 20515.

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  1. Linda Sauer says:

    I just read that it’s been taken down 3 times already. Guess it started with Congressman Hunter (R) and now others are getting in the act. What a disgusting circus.

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