A Window Into The Soul Of The Democrats As Exposed By Senator Ted Cruz

For all you working stiffs (no offense, I used to be one of you!) who don’t have the luxury to sit around watching tee-vee all day long, you likely missed the confirmation hearing on Trump’s nominee for Attorney General, Senator Jeff Sessions. Democrat after Democrat took to the mike with the long knives out trying to paint Sessions as a racist, anti-immigration, against prison reform (you know where they open the doors of the jails and let convicted drug dealers mostly, walk out the door), etc.

My favorite testimony -this one in support of Session’s nomination came from Senator Ted Cruz.

This is why Ted Cruz was my first choice among of the Republican presidential candidates. We’re lucky to have him still in the senate.

On the other side, Senator Corey Booker of New Jersey broke tradition by being the first sitting senator to testify against another sitting senator during a confirmation hearing. More absurd, actually hypocritical is that less than a year ago the two senators both introduced legislation to award the Congressional medal of honor to participants of the 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, a watershed moment in American civil rights history. Booker praised Sessions at that time, but now he’s deeply troubled by Session’s views, and his record on civil rights and criminal justice reform.

If these nominees aren’t progressive libs, the Democrats will fight them tooth and nail. It’s really sad.

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