Mexicans Okay, Muslim Refugees Come On Down, Cubans -Not Anymore

Well we all pretty much knew he was going to keep doing this right? Obama has been laying land mines all over the place for President Trump to have to deal with. There’s the Israel settlements resolution; last-minute Presidential appointment and the break-neck hiring of federal workers since Trump has promised to initiate a hiring freeze; release of more GITMO prisoners; the upcoming peace conference on Jan 15th where some think Obama may announce the US’s recognition of a Palestinian state and, his latest jab, cancellation of the “Wet foot, Dry foot” policy regarding Cuban migrants that allowed most Cuban migrants who reach U.S. soil to stay and become legal permanent residents after one year. cuba

The Cubans who are returned to Cuba will likely be jailed. And what did Obama get in return for this favor to Raul? Better human rights for the Cuban people? A larger proportion of tourist dollars to the hard working Cubans? I doubt it seriously.

                   Cuban prisoners

Why does Obama favor dictators, Marxist & socialists so much? I’ll tell you what. I’d a lot sooner Cuban refugees who are actually fleeing an oppressive regime taking refuge in the USA that most of the slime balls Obama has been placing (like it or not) in towns & cities all over the country -except of course the fashionable neighborhoods where they live. On the other hand taking away the release valve from Cubans migrants may encourage more of them to fight the regime at home. Good luck to them.

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