Former Black Panther Today Denounces Rep. John Lewis

He was once a hate-filled Black Panther but today he opines that Black Lives Matter equates to Black Lies Matter. Mason Weaver is a black conservative who gets it. Hat-tip The Daily Caller. Click here to watch the entire interview. He was poor and a high school dropout but served our country in Vietnam in the Navy. In 1971 a white racist co-worker tried to kill him just because of his skin color and thus began his hatred for white people. He attended Berkeley and hung around other radical, hateful blacks and eventually became a member of the Black Panthers. All the while however, Weaver admitted he loved America and only wanted civil rights so he could compete and earn a living, have and support a family.

Even though Weaver was disabled from that earlier attack over time a reexamination of  his Christian roots caused him to forgive that white aggressor who tried to kill him and abandon his hateful beliefs. He realized instant healing and a transformation that led him to conservatism.

It’s from this perspective that Mason Weaver vents on Representative John Lewis who stated Donald Trump is an illegitimate president and refuses to attend the inauguration (as he also did George W. Bush). Weaver slams Lewis as a coward and a pawn for the Democrats. It’s quite refreshing to hear the truth from a black man talking honestly about sellout racists which is exactly what John Lewis and the rest of the Congressional Black Caucus are!

Lewis was a hero of the civil right era, but like Weaver says, he’s joined the enemy and for years has only espoused hated and racism and should not get a pass because of his civil rights history.

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