More FAKE News From CNN

Are they really this stupid or is this intentional?  Is it just more wishful thinking, or is it just the usual propaganda? CNN is trying to tell us that should Trump be assassinated or die, or becomes incapacitated before the inauguration a “designated presidential successor” will take power and since none of Trump’s cabinet secretaries will have been confirmed by then, an Obama selected secretary would be sworn in, hat-tip Of course their hypothesis is that all those in the normal line of succession are killed at the same time as the President-Elect. It’s still preposterous and may even incite violence from the whacky left.

The very first sentence of Amendment XX, Section 3. reads:

“If, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term of the President, the President elect shall have died, the Vice President elect shall become President.”

So you can see that CNN’s theory that someone from the prior administration would take power is pure hogwash, but you’d have to look at the Constitution (the 20th Amendment to be exact) to prove it to these airheads, and we know the Constitution is an anathema to the lyin’ libs.

Just saying.

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One Response to More FAKE News From CNN

  1. Linda Sauer says:

    That’s appalling & they are now just begging for a disaster! Unfortunately, they are correct but the terrorist (or paid hit man) would have to wipe out Trump & Pence. ABC news is reporting this but ‘seems’ to be very critical of this type of reporting but at least they clarified how the succession would work. Don’t know if you’ve seen it but there was a new fall TV series called the Designated Survivor. I had never heard about it so googled everything about it. Unfortunately, Trump’s succession line only includes Pence since none of his cabinet has been confirmed. I feel really sorry for them….they’ll be dressed in armor I’m sure but they better figure out how to protect their heads. This is so disgusting how people or better said animals are behaving and it’s pretty scary. Sent from my iPad


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