Call Me Lazy, But I Just Couldn’t Resist These 2 Stories

Okay I admit, this is a re-blog of sorts and it didn’t take much effort on my part to put together today’s blog but in perusing news online today I came across not one, but two feel-good heart warming stories you may find inspiring too ~especially given the garbage roaming the streets in major cities across the country yesterday.

assassinate-trump-tweet-1280x720Hat-tip The Blaze. Sometimes people just don’t get that Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., are not the smartest places to display your true self. Here’s the full story, and I’ll give you a hint, she got exactly what she deserved.

And next up as I scrolled down still on was this one. Another loudmouth liberal attacking a bystander for having a different viewpoint. She too got what was coming to her. She got booted off an airplane before it even took off! unhinged-woman-1280x720

Be sure to read to the end and watch the 3 videos. Then indulge yourselves a little more in reading the comments. Hilarious!

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

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