Well, All I Can Say Is They Didn’t Ask Me

Days until achieving MAJORITY disapproval from :

  • Reagan: 727
  • Bush I: 1336
  • Clinton: 573
  • Bush II: 1205
  • Obama: 936
  • Trump: 8. days
Obviously it’s a reverse correlation. Obama was clearly the worst president in decades by every measure, but his approval rating on exit were among the highest. It’s not how you like the guy’s smile or that he’s cool it’s what he accomplishes!

Donald J. Trump as of Saturday had an approval rating of 42%. And this is before his executive order yesterday mandating for every new regulation implemented two must be repealed. And it’s before firing the acting Attorney General. This is brilliant. I think if he has this many people pissed off, he must be doing something right.


Trump has long stated that excessive regulation (over 97,000 pages under Obama in 2016) is hampering America’s economic growth. Anyone who is in business for themselves or works for a small business knows this. So I don’t give a rat’s behind if a majority (was only 51%) disapprove of Trump.

This supposed majority have been sitting on their arse too long letting the un-elected 4th branch of government run rough shod over us with their onerous rules and regulations. By the un-elected 4th branch I mean the federal bureaucracy. They’re civil service positions and basically these people cannot be fired.

Congress is at fault (and are part of the complaining majority). Bureaucrats are not supposed to make laws. The very first words of the Constitution, Article 1, Section 1 reserves that duty for Congress. Congress has gotten lazy and for decades has passed broad-stroke legislation leaving the actual sausage-making of writing the laws and regulations to the bureaucrats. This way Congress doesn’t have to take any blame for it.

Bureaucrats are entrenched and protected by the Civil Service (in bad need of reform!), but this two-fer executive order is perfect. I love it! So no, nobody asked what I thought Trump’s approval rating ought to be, but I like most of what he’s done since Jan. 20th! And please quit calling his immigration executive order a Muslim ban! The 7 countries which are affected by this order were named by the Obama White House as being the most dangerous. There are 46 other Muslim majority countries not included in this regulation. Could it have been rolled out a little smoother? Yes. Do I care if Trump gets more Valentines that Obama? Hell no!

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  1. Sandra Gray says:

    I liked this post. Thank you for the info. I knew it was a lot but not 97,000. >

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