No Strip Malls Here, In Bangkok Shopping is Verticle

Well of course there’s shopping along every street and gobs of street vendors cooking all sorts of food or squeezing fresh fruit juice right on the sidewalks, but in Bangkok shopping-shopping takes place in multi-story malls that are air-conditioned, shiny bright & clean. There’s a crisply uniformed official of some sort, perhaps a security guard, perhaps not, monitoring all who enter but not in an oppressive way.

I’m sure in a city this size there are many such vertical shopping meccas, but the one we’ve been to already a few times because it’s in easy walking distance from our hotel, is called Terminal 21. And get this, it’s nine stories tall and has over 600 stores! So far our favorites are the 4th floor where the restaurants are & the 5th floors where the food court is located.

There’s probably not a cuisine or food type you cannot find there. 

You decide what fruit you want by selecting the displayed cups and they whip it up into a delicious smoothie for about 60c.

Fortunately most everything is out in the open with the chefs or food prep people in full view along with sample dishes and plenty of pictures so it’s easy to pick out what you want to eat, except for the fact that there are too many choices. Oh and by the way, you don’t even have to fumble with the unfamiliar foreign Thai currency (called the Thai baht, 35 tb = 1US $), you buy a card with any amount of baht loaded on it that you want and away you go.

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