This is Creepy, Ticklish And Strangely Addictive All At The Same Time

We came across this at one of the many night markets in Chiang Mai, something we’ve never seen of or even heard about before. It’s called Fish Spa

It’s a big fish tank, maybe 50 gallons or more filled with hundreds of tiny fish no bigger than 3 inches, but most about half that size. After washing your feet and legs up to about your knees, you sit on a bench and dangle your feet in the fish tank while the little fishes nibble away. 

It’s very ticklish at first and you want to yank your feet out, but you quickly get used to the feeling & the idea. For 100 Thai baht (a few cents over $3.00) you sit there for twenty minutes and supposedly lose a few layers of dead skin! Like I said, kinda creepy.

Of course there is all varieties of spa activity to be had everywhere in Thailand -at least in the urban areas. 

The first week in Bangkok I had 2 facials, a foot massage and a yogurt & sesame full body scrub all for a small fraction of what these treatments cost at home. 

I’ve decided I’m finished with the massages though because they hurt. It’s not a typical oil massage like you may have had. They just get in there and work the muscles. You can tell them ‘go easy’ but they don’t. I had a neck, shoulder & back massage last night just before my 2nd fish spa and ended up with bruises, so I’m finished with that.

Now manicures and pedicures I’m down with that!

Aloha, Mikie 

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