Our Little Oasis in Ayutthaya At Baan Thai House

After too many hours in the airport at Chiang Mai and a very hot train ride to Attuthaya (an hour or so north of Bangkok by train) we made it to our hotel, Baan Thai House. We’re now at this very moment relaxing with a cold beer.

Here’s the drill when we get to a new locale. We almost always seem to pay too much for a taxi or tuk-tuk until we get a feel (trial & error really) for what the going rate should be and varies a lot from city to city. And especially outside of the city you can’t always count on people being able to understand or speak English so you find someone who can speak a little  -teenagers are a good bet, get them to help you by writing your destination in Thai on a scrap of paper. Then when it comes to a taxi or tuk-tuk driver they can figure out where you want them to take you, but don’t forget to negotiate! On the way back you give them the business card of the hotel also in Thai then you don’t get lost. Duck soup right? Sometimes. The going rate for transportation into town here by tuk-tuk (no taxis here cause we’re not in the town) seems to be between 100-120 Thai baht or about $3.00.

Here are some photos of our cottage and the grounds at Baan Thai House.

Here are some more photos of the grounds of Baan Thai House. It’s my favorite of all the places we’ve stayed cause it’s not so “hotel-like”.

Today is our last day in Ayutthaya. We’re going to catch the train back to Bangkok for 3 more days in that city before the long slog home, but Baan Thai House is a nice last memory.

Aloha, Mikie 

~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the Baan Thai House😋. Such beautiful grounds and the inside looked very clean. Didn’t see any cannon ball trees there. That is one weird wicked tree. Looks like you are having a great time.

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