The Cannonball Tree

I’ve never seen this tree before even though I’m pretty familiar with tropical foliage. The common name in English is the Cannonball tree named for obvious reasons. The fruit (cannonballs) are very heavy and the flowers look somewhat like the Venus Flytrap and there are some wicked thorns.

Another name for this tree is the Sala Tree and per google, it’s main usage seems to be medicinal, specifically for veternary purposes. The pulp is fed to chickens as a vaccine against respiratory and other diseases. It is also rubbed into the skin of mangy dogs (seen a few of those), and the stem, bark & flowers have antifungal qualities. As you can see, the flowers are quite pretty.

Other than this, the vegetation looks pretty much like what we’re used to in Hawaii, although the papayas are much bigger with orange pulp and not as sweet as our Solo Papayas are. Of course, coconuts are a mainstay and I’ve already had a coconut milk popsicle today as a heat deterrent while visiting a few of the many temples (Wat) which are everywhere around Ayutthaya.

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