Another Job For Trump

Did you realize that we have illegal immigrants from over thirty countries? I confess, I don’t know how many different countries’ citizens have leaked into ours. Now that President Trump has promised and even started deporting criminals as he promised he’s up against resistance according to The Daily Caller in the form of approximately 30 countries refusing to accept the deportations of illegal immigrants who have committed serious crimes in the U.S.

The solution seems simple -turn off the faucet of aid to all of those countries immediately. In fact in Trump’s just proposed budget he wants to reduce foreign aid as an overall way to reduce our budget expenditures, but there are other ways to do this too. According to Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar there is already a law on the books which allows the U.S. to hold visas from a country that is not taking back its criminals, but according to Cuellar, the U.S. is not enforcing it. Will the crack-pots like Hawaii’s own Federal District Judge Derrick Watson and his counterparts in Washington state & Maryland intervene again?

Judging by the scathing opinion that recently came down on the 9th Circuit Court 3-judge panel after their egregious overreach halting Trumps initial executive order banning potential terrorists, I’m not so sure. Of course you haven’t heard about this on the FAKE NEWS because it doesn’t fit their agenda. I heard it on Mark Levin’s free podcasts. Levin was Chief of Staff for the Justice Dept under President Reagan, so he knows of what he speaks.

The blistering dissent showed that a significant number of Ninth Circuit judges strongly disagreed with the decision of the panel. The dissenting judges objected to the 3-judge panel’s “lack of consideration to opposing case law, failure to address the statutory authority given to the President, and the sweeping dismissal of executive authority as obvious flaws”. This is a strong indication that when the 2nd Executive Order issued by Trump and restrained by Watson in Hawaii reaches the Supreme Court it will, as it should, be struck down. The left just can’t help themselves. It’s always ideology first, America 2nd -or 3rd, or hell, last!

 There are several things this country could do and should do for sensible immigration reform while Republicans (spineless as so many are) control Congress & the presidency. is a great resource for all things immigration and here are some of their solutions.
Reform immigration numbers:
  1. End Chain Migration
  2. Reform Birthright Citizenship
  3. Eliminate Visa Lottery
  4. Reduce Unnecessary Work Visas
  5. Reduce Refugee & Visa Fraud
Honestly if you cut off all freebies (no more sanctuary cities, instate tuition, welfare, medical benefits, etc.,) to illegals and visa holders and mandated E-Verify, you wouldn’t need a wall. They would go home on their own.

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