Changed Vote On American Health Care Act -From “No” to “Hell NO”

Update:  Since I posted this blog we have news that the vote on the American Health Care Act has been postponed!! They didn’t have the votes. Yea!

Trump had better stop listening to the GOP establishment members, especially the Republican leadership (Paul Ryan Lyin’ and the boys). They’re leading Trump down the wrong road, the 1-term president road.

Freedom Caucus member and a principled Congressman, Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) has changed his vote on the American Health Care Act (Ryancare, RINO-Care, -whatever you want to call it) from “No” to “Hell No.

Yes, Trump is the great negotiator and knows how to make deals but they’ve only been tweaking the terrible “repeal/replace” law that lobbyists and the GOP leadership have come up (that doesn’t repeal Obamacare, btw). Ryancare gives a huge windfall to insurance companies, tax credits to illegal aliens to buy health insurance, and will cause premiums to rise even more, so it needs a lot more work, not a tweak here and a tweak there.

Hopefully Representative Massie is not the only Freedom Caucus member (of 40 total) who is against this law and will stand up to the pressure because we won’t like it. The vote is tonight and there’s a lot of arm-twisting going on. My hope is they postpone the vote, go back to the table and make it right.

And BTW, don’t believe for a minute they can’t fully repeal Obamacare with only 51 votes. That’s just the establishment party line they’ve been feeding us as an excuse to not do what they’ve promised to do the last 7 years. Take a look at this to see exactly how they could do it -legally per the Budget Act of 1974.

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2 Responses to Changed Vote On American Health Care Act -From “No” to “Hell NO”

  1. Linda Sauer says:

    That’s disappointing that Trump isn’t doing as he said and letting the ‘good ole boys’ run the show.

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    • Mikie says:

      Very much so. He bit into the poison apple when he hired Reince Priebus (who would name their kid this??) as chief of staff. Priebus is a longtime buddy of Paul Lyin’ Ryan, both from Wisconsin. Priebus has been infecting the Republican party with this “My way or the highway” tactics forever. Trump is busy and just fell right in with these two. Trump needs to be reminded Paul “Lyin’ Ryan was a never-Trumper right up until he was elected.

      I hope Trump learns from this.

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