In Defense of Millennials

It’s not all their fault. They grew up being pampered, could do no wrong, were always assured of getting at least a participation trophy, and many likely spent their early formative years in day care.

A story from Michelle’s Mirror pretty well nails it. This millennial generation didn’t cause the conditions that turned so many of them into snowflakes. This is the environment they were born into. They didn’t cause the recession. That would have been greedy bankers in bed with Wall Street & greasy politicians, like Lyin’ Paul Ryan who presented a “repeal & replace” of Obamacare that was written by lobbyists and insurance company reps.

Obama in his attempt to nationalize everything because that’s what Democrats & progressives do (this would include Republican progressives like-you guessed it, Lyin’ Paul Ryan!). The bigger, more powerful the federal government, the more people depend on government, thus creating an entitlement mentality. So back to Obama. He nationalized student loans taking them out of the private sector. Then they offered student loans to everyone and anyone despite their ability to repay, not unlike the housing boom & bust.

This government backed student loan environment gave the green light to colleges & universities to continually ratchet up fees & tuition. According to Michelle’s Mirror, colleges then hired thousands of overpaid professors to offer degrees in various “studies” that study nothing. They built elaborate new dorms, athletic facilities and libraries that required such astronomical increases in tuition that students invested the equivalent of a starter home to get a degree in gender studies that prepares them for pretty much nothing.

Hillary Clinton’s vote as a Senator in 2005 on bankruptcy “reform” made student loans non-dischargeable. The aforementioned recession made it harder for recent grads to get a job or repay student loans. Once they did get jobs, the fees, late charges, etc., added on has made indentured slaves of millennials trying to repay their debt. They can’t afford to get married, buy a house or move out of their parent’s basement, etc. A very bad situation!

Name for me please, one single thing that government does that the private sector couldn’t do better, cheaper and more efficiently. You can’t. Please keep this in mind when considering the next healthcare “fix”.

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    Thanks Mike, gre

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    Amen! Couldn’t of said it any better!!!

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