Aside From the Brexit Vote to Leave the EU, This May Be The Smartest Thing Britain Has Done in Quite Awhile

Obviously the vote to leave the EU was a good move for Britain wanting to reclaim its sovereignty and control its borders, but I sure like this move too. From, Britain’s most dangerous Islamist prisoners will be housed in a special unit to stop them converting their fellow inmates. This follows a report from prison governor Ian Acheson who said extremists present a “particular and enduring risk to national security through subversive behaviour, beliefs and activities”  and should be removed from the general prison population.

Breitbart London has reported on the growing numbers of Muslims in UK jails and their potential for jihad recruitment. Such is their number that Muslim inmates in many of Britain’s high security prisons are forcing non-Muslims to pay a “protection” tax if they refuse to convert to Islam in jail.

Alton Nolen, who beheaded a former co-worker at a food processing plant in Oklahoma, is believed to have converted to Islam while doing time

This prison radicalization is not isolated to Britain. According to Mark Hamm of Indiana State University, who has studied prison radicalization, some 35,000 U.S. inmates a year convert to Islam, or 80 percent of all prison religious conversions.

In France the Muslim prison population is about 60%. In Belgium it’s around 35%. In the UK according to The Times, Muslims make up nearly 40 per cent of normal wings at the high security Long Lartin prison in Worcestershire, as well as around about half the residents of main wings in Whitemoor jail in Cambridgeshire, another high security facility. That’s a lot of trouble brewing.

Sounds like isolating the trouble-makers would be a good idea in every prison! Are you listening Trump?

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