What Makes These People (Celebs & Hollywood Types) Sooooo Stupid?

Mega pop start (and bimbo) Katy Perry says “no barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist”. Perry was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton and has since entered a new era of “purposeful” pop music and established herself as a vocal member of the anti-Trump “Resistance” movement. Whatever happened to the peaceful transfer of power that the Dems were so worried about when they knew Killary was going to be our next president?

Katy Perry who lives behind walls and has police protection thinks we should all just “love on” terrorist scumbags like these

France’s interior minister says Salman Abedi, the suicide bomber at far left who targeted Manchester at the recent Ariana Grande concert is believed to have traveled to Syria and had “proven” links with the Islamic State group, hat-tip Breitbart. He’s also traveled numerous times to Libya, one of the 6 countries on Trump’s travel ban list.

Twenty-two dead at this point and over a hundred injured in yet another terrorist attack in the UK. Why do immigration officials let these twerps back into the country when they’ve been to terror hotbeds? Because the European Union opened their arms to refugees and has no borders! But they do have exploding violent crime, rape victims and a forever changed culture do to this multicultural hogwash.

The former head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office Chris Phillips admits they have no idea how many people have left for Syria and come back.

“There are many ways of getting back into the UK avoiding checks, including bus routes and ferry crossings. What we have to avoid is a false sense of security just because we have a stretch of water between us and Europe.”

This is what President Trump was trying to avoid in his temporary travel ban from countries whose refugees cannot be properly vetted.

And how ’bout this for dumb? The U.S. embassy in Belgium has allocated $200,000 for a groups to ‘counter violent extremism’ (Obama-speak for terrorism) through pushing positive narratives of mass migration to Europe.

Trump calls these ‘violent extremists’ evil losers and I think I have to come down on the side of Trump on this one.

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