All The Right Reasons Trump Pulled Out Of The Paris Accord

Okay, this may be the next really good thing Trump has done after nominating Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court; getting the USA out of the Paris Accord. And who cares if French President Emmanuel Macron (‘Pajama-boy’) who has been chosen by the European globalists to publicly whine on the international stage about how terrible this decision is for the planet. Naturally China & India are sorry we pulled out. China isn’t required to cut carbon emissions at all until 2030 and China made no promises. In the meantime the good old whipping boy -USA would be making ransom payments to other countries to the tune of several billion dollars a year. It’s call re-distribution of wealth, plain & simple. And get a load of this hypocrisy!

Here are the 5 reasons (hat-tip Daily Wire) Trump is absolutely right on this decision:

  1.  The Paris Accord (PA) was a Treaty and per the U.S. Constitution it should have been brought before the Senate for debate & ratification, but former President Obama didn’t exactly color within the lines on a lot of things (think the Iran deal, Fast & Furious, the IRS scandal, the Bergdahl swap for 5 top terror prisoners, and most recently his spying on Americans & surveilling his opposition during & after the election).
  2. There were legal implementation problems. White House counsel, Donald McGahn opined that the PA could be used to strike down Trump’s effort to rein in the EPA which the global community should have no say over.
  3. It Would Have Had No Impact. The PA is non-binding. This is the perfect set-up to continually shame the United States for not implementing cutbacks when none of the biggest offenders are likely to commit any meaningful carbon emission controls. MIT has estimated that even if the Paris Accord were implemented with current commitments by the various countries, the global climate would be lowered by a grand total of 0.2 degrees Celsius over the next hundred years. WTF? Are you kidding me? We’d be crippling our economy and favoring our competitors.
  4. It Lets Other Countries Have a Free-Ride. Obama insists that by the US being bold and following the Accord, other countries would be encouraged to set their sights higher too. Bullcrap! The Kyoto Protocol was the failed UN initiative to combat greenhouse gas emissions in 1997. It failed because of countries not actually living up to their commitments or staying with the agreement. The US signed the KP, but never ratified it despite the then Democratic presidency. If the Democrats didn’t want it then, why is it so great now? It’s not.
  5. It Put America Last. Despite all the ballyhoo about green jobs, it’s a lie. Van Jones, Obama’s communist green-jobs czar did not produce any green job creation but they did waste a lot of taxpayer money in green ventures like Solyndra, the solar panel start-up which managed to get a $535 million loan guarantee from the Dept. of Energy before going bankrupt.

The private sector in America should  will come up with green energy innovations and they will do it because their success will make them money, you know that old capitalist model that has worked for so long. That’s the answer, not centralized, global control and meaningless international regulations.

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One Response to All The Right Reasons Trump Pulled Out Of The Paris Accord

  1. Sandy says:

    This is an excellent discription of how bad the Paris Accord would be for The United States. Thank You President Trump for withdrawing from this disgraceful agreement.

    I am furious and full of pain, at the same time, at the idiots who do not have any idea what the PA is even about, and yet they scream and holler about the evilness of President Trump.

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