Just How Independent Is This Special Counsel Who’s Been Unleashed On Trump?

I’ll tell you, not at all.

Rosenstein the Assistant Attorney General (he’s acting because the Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself) should not have appointed him just based on his longtime friendship with former director pajama-boy James Comey. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich tweeted as much:

“Republicans are delusional if they think the special counsel is going to be fair. Look who he is hiring.check fec reports. Time to rethink”.

This from Byron York of the Washington Examiner:

“Should a prosecutor pursue a case in which the star witness is a close friend? And when the friend is not only a witness but also arguably a victim — of firing — by the target of the investigation? And when the prosecutor might also be called on to investigate some of his friend’s actions?”

If Mueller had half the ethics as Jeff Sessions he would never have accepted the job based on his long friendship and their mentor/mentee relationship going back years. Comey served under Mueller when he was Director of the FBI. And don’t forget Comey admitted in his testimony last week that he intentionally leaked his memo through an anonymous source to the NY Times with the sole intention of getting a special counsel appointed. Mission accomplished, but how slimy is that?

You have to wonder why in hell did Assistant Attny General Rosenstein appoint Mueller? He may have been trying to repair his name after Trump claimed that Rosenstein had recommended Comey’s firing, when it was later learned that Trump had already decided to fire him and the detailed recommendation was prepared ‘after the fact’ which embarrassed Rosenstein. That’s on Trump and his bull-in-a-china-shop manner.

Back to the facts of his conflict of interest. The first 4 hires by Mueller have been Democrats, which alone is not a disqualifier, but one worked for the Clinton Foundation, one of them had in two cases deliberately hid evidence from the defense and was subsequently repudiated by 9-0 by the Supreme Court, and all have donated tens of thousands to Obama and or Hilary Clinton in the past. This stinks and it will not end well for President Trump.

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