Good News. The RINOs in Congress Won’t Give Paul Ryan The Boot But Nehlen Will Give It Another Go

Businessman Paul Nehlen is having another go against Representative Paul Ryan.This is good news. He lost pretty badly in 2016 so I’m very glad to see he’s up to the challenge and has launched another campaign for 2018.

Ryan, Speaker of the House has been a lukewarm (at best) supporter of Donald Trump. He said after the Access Hollywood tape came out that he would never support Trump. On that he’s kept his word, but he has lied continuously about the “repeal & replace” of Obamacare, which every single Republican ran on ever since it passed in 2010. He’s has done NOTHING to assist President Trump in moving his ambitious agenda along in Congress, and he’s the leader, the top dog in House! Just sickening.

Here’s my coverage from 2016 when Nehlen first went up against Paul Ryan and below is his plan for 2018. If you have a chance to support him please do. BTW, 99% of Paul Ryan’s donations in 2016 came from outside of his district. Like so many in Washington D.C. Paul Ryan serves big donors and D.C. lobbyists. He refused to debate Paul Nehlen last go around. Maybe he’s be forced to this time.

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