This Is What Government-Run Healthcare Looks Like Folks

This couple cannot even take their own son home to die. This is government-run health care, not unlike our own VA system but ten times worse. The National Health Service (NHS) is the publicly funded healthcare system for England. It is the largest and the oldest singlepayer healthcare system in the world. This is what Lizzy Warren (Pocahontas), and the socialist (feel the burn), Bernie Sanders, UpChuck Schumer and all the rest of the dims (who I sometimes call the Dems or Progs) want for our healthcare plan. Any single-payer healthcare plan (the government covers everyone and pays for all of it) cannot stay solvent by covering everyone and paying for it all without severe rationing and restricting care, period.

Young Charlie Gard was born 10 months ago with a rare disease called mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome and is in the terminal stage no longer able to breathe on his own. Charlie’s parents, Connie Yates and Chris Gard raised £1.31 ($1.7 million US$) on a GoFundMe campaign, seeking treatment is the US. BTW, please note they are not seeking expert, highly specialized experimental treatment for their son in Canada or Cuba, Sweden or any other socialist country because socialism has killed innovation and ground-breaking specialized medical treatment and if the DC elites, lobbyists and insurance companies get their way, they will kill medical innovation here too.

Charlie has been accepted at a US hospital for a pioneering treatment called nucleoside bypass therapy, which was not offered by doctors in the UK. But doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital said Charlie should be allowed to die in dignity and applied for permission to have his ventilator switched off. The date was set for May 31st. Breathing last-minute life into the parent’s hopes, Britain’s Supreme Court agreed to review the case giving him a temporary reprieve – but to no avail.

The European Court of Human Rights ruled they would not intervene saying it would be kinder (and the unspoken truth -cheaper) to let the child die. Chris & Connie’s last wish was to be able to take their son home to die in comfortable, familiar and loving surroundings but the court has denied this too.

Weeping in front of the camera, mum Connie added:

“Fourth of August 2016 (Charlile’s birth date) was the best day of our life, the day that Charlie was born. The 30th of the sixth 2017 (tomorrow!) is going to be the worst day of our lives.”

The dims, as I’ve said are all screaming that American healthcare should go the single-payer route where parents and patients are taken out of the decision-making and some hospital, high court or human rights court will dictate your or your child’s fate. This is just plain sick people and if you don’t stand and demand a free market solution to our healthcare problems this is what we will end up with. Of course this is just what the dims want because it makes everyone dependent on the government. More govt = less freedom. Just ask Chris & Connie.

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