This is The Cure For Obamacare -Call Your Senators

Here’s a rarity on display in the US Senate. Senator Ted Cruz has the perfect remedy to Obamacare. It’s called the Consumer Freedom Amendment. Now keep in mind that the American Health Care Act (AHC), the Republican plan offered & passed in House was TERRIBLE,  a total sellout to the insurance companies and not at all likely to reduce premiums. The Senate’s working bill is not much better and if either were to pass it would be hung around the necks of Republicans and President Trump until they go down in flames in 2018.

Senator Ted Cruz has offered up the perfect solution. Please watch the entire video above and then call your senators using this link and tell them to support Cruz’s Freedom Amendment. It’s likely the only way to save American healthcare. It’s a way to drastically lower premiums especially for younger people who are now unfairly subsidizing older, sicker Americans.

Here is the link again so you can find your senators. Do it now as they are chomping at the bit to vote on this so they don’t lose any of their August recess. Also, if you are on Twitter, tweet your senators from the above link by clicking on the twitter icon in the far right hand column, and the President ( Urge President Trump to hit the road and sell (like nobody else can!) the Freedom Amendment to the Senate version of Repeal & Replace.

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