Finally The Senate Will Vote On A Full REPEAL. You Can Help

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised from the day the terrible Obamacare bill passed that he would rip it our “Root & Branch”. He campaigned on it for the last several years and he meant absolutely none of it. He’s a liar!

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell showed the first, second & third drafts of the Senate Healthcare bill to lobbyists and donor groups before even making it available to the full Senate. McConnell is a snake and he should be REPEALED & REPLACED! The small group of senators secretly crafting a bill to eliminate the Affordable Care Act (Barry-care) collected an average of $214,000 in campaign contributions from health insurance and pharmaceutical industries in the last 6 years.

Name me one thing, just one thing that government does better and more efficiently and less costly than the private sector. The VA you say? Hell no! And fortunately President Trump in keeping his promises to improve healthcare for the veterans has been responsible for over 500 people being fired from the Veterans Administration since his inauguration. Yes they can actually fire federal employees for not doing their job. What a concept. Now the entire civil service sector should be reformed.

Senators Mike Lee & Ted Cruz came up with a perfect solution to the healthcare issue. The Cruz-Lee Freedom Amendment would allow insurance companies to sell any health coverage plan they wish as long as they provide one plan that satisfies the mandates of Obamacare (preexisting conditions, coverage to kids to age 25, maternity care for all ~even men, etc., in other words all the things that made premiums so high). But a rule added (another bow to insurance companies) that required insurers to treat all of their customers within a state as part of a single “risk pool”—customers costs averaged together to determine the price of insurance -means everyone buying lower cost, lower coverage insurance would still be covering the cost of those in the mandated plans.

The single risk pool killed any hope of the healthcare reform passing with Republicans all over the place; some refusing to vote for it because it reduced Medicaid (can’t take away the candy), some because it would not lower costs. Either way it’s dead and the proposal now on the table is a straight REPEAL. Yeah! Finally. Phase out Barry-care over a year or so and in the meantime let the free market and the ingenuity of the American people and innovative companies (not the lobbyists, donors and insurance companies wanting bailouts!) do what they do best.

We can at least hope! If you want to help, go here to send a letter to every Representative & Senator urging them to vote for a stand-alone REPEAL.

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