I’m Glad John McCain Cast The Vote That Killed The “Skinny” Repeal

Let’s remember “GOP” stands for Grand Old Party. That’s not even close. They’re always on defense. They never fight the prog narrative and they don’t stand for anything. Even when they hold the White House & both houses of Congress they just never seem to get it done.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell needs to resign. He’s NOT a leader.

Initially I was p’od at the Republicans who voted against repeal in the 51-49 vote. But the skinny repeal was worthless, leaving intact 411 of 419 Obamacare sections. It would not have achieved lower costs, better care or more coverage; a total screw job.

  • Susan Collins – Maine 
  • Lisa Murkowski – Alaska
  • John McCain – Arizona, all voted against the skinny repeal

Susan Collins nearly always votes with the Dims. Maine, quit re-electing her! She and Lisa Murkowski are bought and paid for by the National Education Association (NEA), both voting against confirmation of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos because she favors more charter schools. They both balked at the “skinny” repeal because of the 1-year defunding of Planned Parenthood. BFD, one year!

Initially the moderate Republicans (we used to call them Democrats) were against any repeal because it tried to rein in Medicaid spending. Medicaid is going broke. Since Obamacare passed millions of people (~23.5 million) who used to have insurance and wanted to keep it but could not afford the premiums & deductibles, were added to the Medicaid rolls (this is taxpayer-funded welfare, in case you didn’t know). Over 1 in 5 Americans are now on Medicaid.

Many Republican governors took the Medicaid Expansion offered under Obamacare because the feds promised to pay a large portion of the costs – at least for a few years. But Medicaid Expansion is an expensive, terrible idea which guarantees worse care, and it’s an entitlement that once given is very hard to take away. Too many Republicans weren’t willing to shoot Santa Claus. McCain just thought we should “reach across the aisle” and work in a bipartisan fashion with the Dims. Maybe it’s his tumor? This of course is where the GOP always capitulates to avoid bad press, and the Dims end up getting everything they want . I agree with McCain killing the bill with his deciding vote, but not with his stupid reason.

Oh yes, there were the few, very few principled conservatives like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul who didn’t like the “FAKE” Repeal as they and every other Republican (except Susan Collins) had campaigned on and were reelected on the FULL REPEAL LIE. So here we are. Washington DC at its best. They all deserve to lose their next election bid.

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2 Responses to I’m Glad John McCain Cast The Vote That Killed The “Skinny” Repeal

  1. Sandy says:

    Given the Republican majority’s inability to govern and keep the campaign promise to repeal Obamacare, the responsibility now falls on President Trump to deliver. With the assistance of Health and Human Services Tom Price, the Trump Administration can do much to roll back the onerous regulations of Obamacare. First on the list should be to remove the congressional exemption to Obamacare that Members of Congress currently enjoy. If the rest of us have to be subjected to it, then they should be too. And if the congressional exemption were removed, perhaps that will be the real motivator required for Congress to come back and tackle Obamacare once back from their August recess.

    This is from The Club For Growth

    • Mikie says:

      “First on the list should be to remove the congressional exemption to Obamacare that Members of Congress currently enjoy.” I’m thinking mainly Senator John McCain who is getting top shelf care for his brain tumor and Senator Mazie Hirono being treated for stage 4 kidney cancer. I don’t wish ill will to anyone, but if this were you not among the Congressional privileged, you’d be stressing big time. Huge monthly premiums and high deductibles under the lowest level “Bronze” plan bc that’s all you could afford. Or maybe you chose to pay the IRS fine and not to buy insurance at all bc of the cost and now you’re really up a creek. But not Congress, they’re special don’t you know?

      Go to Twitter #EndCongressionalExemption

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